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Huntington's Disease Caregiving

Drinks/Shakes Recipes
What Is A Caregiver?
What Is An HD Caregiver?
Caregiving For A Spouse
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Your pHD Is Unique!
About Huntington's Disease
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Early/ Early Intermediate Stages
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Swallowing Diagnostic
Speech & Language in HD
Swallowing Safety in HD
Early Advanced Stage
Swallowing Difficulties~Physician's Guide
Warning Signs of Swallowing Problems
Swallowing, Coughing, Choking & Pneumonia
Swallowing~Giving Medication
A Practical Guide: Nutrition and HD & Resources
Diet & Nutrition in HD
Nutrition and Huntington's Disease
Nutrition Information for the Care Giver
Texture & Consistency/Thining & Thickening Foods
Drinks/Shakes Recipes
Adaptive Equipment-Mealtime Help
Food Thickners
What Is A Feeding Tube?
When To Consider A Feeding Tube
Feeding Tube Decision in HD
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Drinks/Shakes Recipes
Besides the ones on the internet, below, don't forget to
 Delicious Beverages
 Other Resources

Smooth Smoothies (tips) - Chowbaby - Forget spending cash for healthy beverages. Make your own at home and get it just how you like it.

Free Smoothie Recipes

Smoothie Recipes - Whole Nectar

Everyday Cook Recipes - Smoothies & Beverages Recipes
... Smoothies & Beverages Categories Smoothies (16) Beverages (13) Punch (4) Favorites Mango Smoothie Iced Tea Eggnog Orange Punch Irish Coffee Peach Melba Smoothie Add A Recipe! Send us your recipes to be included in ...

Everyday Cook Recipes - Smoothies Recipes
... Home > Recipe Box > Smoothies & Beverages Smoothies Banana Smoothie Triple Fruit Smoothie Frosty Fruit Smoothie Mango Smoothie Peach Melba Smoothie Fuzzy Banana Navel Wild Berry Freeze Banana Pineapple Colada ...

Smoothie Central:

Tangy Summer Blend
Apple Coconut
Papaya Raspberry
Tropical Tofu Berry
Macho Power Shake
Strawberry Pineapple
Apricot Mango
Melon Madness!
Pineapple Berry Crash
Papaya Nectarine
Artic Forest
Chocolate Banana
Kiwi Strawberry
Pistachio Banana
Pina Colada
Peaches & Dreams
Chocolate PB Banana
Apple Peach Kick
Black and Blue
Cantaloupe Cherry
Hawaiian Silk

This picture is a promo I made up when I was thinking
 about having these holders made.  Maybe some chapter or support group
could have them made for a fund raiser?